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Want to help protect the environment and make $75.00 at the same time?

Care about the Environment?
Weller does and we want you to work with us to make it better.

Weller is a committed supporter of actions that help to protect our environment and to conserve its natural resources. 

To this end, Weller is launching a recycling initiative for old, used soldering tips. By recycling the copper and iron from used tips, we can make a real contribution towards helping the environment and preserving its natural resources.


How will it work?
We want you to collect your worn out soldering tips, all types from all manufacturers, send them to us and we will arrange for their environmentally safe recycling.

This will benefit the environment but it will also benefit you because for every 2 lbs. of worn out tips you send to us you will receive a $75.00 voucher to be used against your next purchase of Weller Brand tips.


Get involved with Weller and the
environment will profit and so will you.

Please send the full Tip Recycling Box to the  address on the box or to:
Apex Tool Group
1000 Lufkin Road
Apex, NC 27539 USA

Apex Tool Group Canada
5925 McLaughlin Road
Mississauga,Ontario L5R 1B8

 order tip recycling box

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