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Tips to Easier, Safer Cutting
. When heavy cutting is involved, it is less strenuous to hold one handle of the tool on the ground using foot pressure. This permits the cutting force to be applied to the upper handle, makes the cutting position less awkward, and utilizes body weight. This allows more power to be transferred to the cutting edges.
b. Use the correct cutting tool for the type, size, and hardness of the metal to be cut.
c. Keep cutter jaws at right angles to piece being cut. Cutting diagonally may twist jaws
d. Do not twist or pry with tool while cutting.
e. Do not exceed the full cut on a material whose hardness is unknown. Test hardness with slow pressure to see if material is being cut. The size of the metal you are cutting is not as important as its hardness.
f. Do not exceed the cutter capacity that is marked on the jaw of the tool or its rating capacity in this catalog.
g. Keep jaw bolts tight and joints oiled at all times.
h. Maintain the original jaw bevel angles when sharpening out of line or chip cutting edges.

Safety Do’s and Dont’s
Wear your gloves and safety glasses at all times!
Do wear safety shoes.
Do remove oil or grease from your hands, from tools and from the floor and area where you will be working.
Do remember that metal flies when cut. The harder the metal, the farther it will fly.
Do warn those in the area when you intend to use a cutter and protect your fellow workers from flying metal.
Do use all tools as recommended.
Don’t attempt to use a cutting tool, hand or power, until you fully understand its use.
Don’t forget that metals may fly and cause injury.
Don’t use cutters for any application except those listed in this catalog.
Don’t use H.K. Porter cutters on energized circuits, wire, or cable.

Safety Precautions

Hard metals may snap off or fly through the air when cut. Always wear safety glasses and warn workers nearby to prevent them from being injured from flying metal.
To prevent injury from flying metal, take precautions such as wrapping a cloth or rag around the cutting jaws so metal pieces can not fly.

Indicates a high probability that
death, severe bodily injury or major
property damage could result.
The "Safety Alert Symbol" symbol to the left is used to call attention to instructions concerning personal safety. Watch for this symbol, it points out important safety precautions. It means: “ATTENTION! Stay alert, personal safety may be in danger!”
Read the message that follows this symbol and be alert to the possibility of personal injury or death resulting from misuse.
The use of any industrial tool may present hazards which can result in serious injury or death. The H.K.Porter® tools listed in this catalog are not exceptions to this rule.
Is serious but less inevitable. There
is some probability that death, severe
bodily injury or property damage
could result.

Is less serious but still demands
attention. Indicates a hazard which
may result in minor injury or
property damage.