.125" x .62" x 800° PT Series Screwdriver Tip for TC201 Series Iron

Product Details
Catalog No. PTC8
UPC Code 037103473455
Fits Tool(s) TC201T
Tip Style Screwdriver
Tip Width O/D .125 in./3.18 mm
Tip Thickness/Height/ I/D .027 in./.69 mm
Reach/Length .62 in./15.75 mm
Packaging Peg Hook/Retail Packaging
Tech. Spec. Solder_Safety_Warnings.pdf
Lineart PT_Screwdriver.pdf
Low Res. Image PT_Screwdriver_100.jpg
High Res. Image PT_Screwdriver_300.jpg
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Package Details (Dimensions)

    Product Features:

  • Solid copper, plated with iron all over
  • Nickel and chromium behind the working surface
  • Designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip
  • Individually bagged