Digital Rework Station w/DXV80 Desoldering Pencil

Product Details
Catalog No. WR2000X
UPC Code 4003019422777
Wattage 300 W
Desoldering Pencil(s) DXV80
Temperature Range 150° F to 850° F
Voltage 120 V/24 V
Supplied Tip(s) DS112
Air Flow Volume 1 l/min - 15 l/min
Pump Type Rotary Vane
Packaging Industrial Box/Carton
Tech. Spec. Solder_Safety_Warnings.pdf
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High Res. Image WR2000X_300.jpg
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Package Details (Dimensions)

    Product Features:

  • 2 independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition
  • Simultaneous use of 2 tools (maximum of 300 watts)
  • Will operate most Weller accessories up to 200 watts
  • Self contained vacuum and air turbine
  • ECO button for "Sleep Mode"
  • Programmable temperature memory key
  • ESD safe
  • Weller Micro-Tools, WMRP & WMRT are not compatible