11-Piece Compact Convertible Nutdriver Set - Inch Sizes

Product Details
Catalog No. PS120
UPC Code 037103485281
Type of Case Clear Plastic
Number of Tools 11
Number of Screwdrivers 0
Number of Nutdrivers 10
Number of Pliers/Cutters 0
Number of Other Tools 1
Packaging Industrial Box/Carton
Lineart PS120.pdf
Low Res. Image PS120_100.jpg
High Res. Image PS120_300.jpg
Stock Item Normal Stock Item
Package Details (Dimensions)

    Product Features:

  • Handles jobs with fewer tools, saves bench space, lightens service kit
  • Equipped with remarkable black, "piggyback" torque amplifier handle
  • Set housed in attractive, easy to open, clear plastic case
  • Color-coded handles