.031" x .019" x .625" ET Screwdriver Tip for PES51 Soldering Pencil

Product Details
Catalog No. ETH
UPC Code 037103477231
Fits Tool(s) EC1201A&1204A/PES50&51/WCC101
Tip Style Screwdriver
Tip Width O/D .031 in./.79 mm
Tip Thickness/Height/ I/D .019 in./.48 mm
Reach/Length .625 in. 15.88 mm
Packaging Peg Hook/Retail Packaging
Tech. Spec. Solder_Safety_Warnings.pdf
Lineart ETA.pdf
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High Res. Image ETH_300.jpg
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Package Details (Dimensions)

    Product Features:

  • ET series tip for PES51 soldering pencil
  • Sensor hole in the base of tip is fitted with a stainless steel liner
  • Prevents the tip from seizing to the sensor