WP80 80 Watt Soldering Pencil With Short Tip to Grip

Product Details
Catalog No. 0052918199
UPC Code 037103225320
Fits Station WD1(M)/WD2(M)/WR3M
Wattage 80 W
Temperature Range 150° F to 850° F
Voltage 24 V
Supplied Tip(s) LTB
Iron Stand WDH10 (0051512199)
Packaging Industrial Box/Carton
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    Product Features:

  • Compatible with WD1(M ) and WD2(M) soldering stations and WR3M rework station
  • New WP80 offers 80 watts of power with short tip-to-grip (52 mm)
  • Barrel can be changed with optional longer version to work at standard length (65 mm)
  • Same performance characteristics as WSP80
  • Ideal for use with lead free solder
  • Comes with WDH 10 supprt stand (order no. 0051512199)
  • Use only Weller replacement tips or your warranty will be voided