Benchtop Smoke Absorber, 120V

Product Details
Catalog No. WSA350
UPC Code 037103210944
Number of Operators 1
Filter Type Carbon Activated Filter
Wattage TBD
Pump Type Rotary Vane
Packaging Peg Hook/Retail Packaging
Literature Smoke_Absorber_Brochure.pdf
Low Res. Image WSA350_100.jpg
High Res. Image WSA350_300.jpg
Stock Item Normal Stock Item
Package Details (Dimensions)

    Product Features:

  • Removes flux fumes from soldering workbench
  • Great for workspaces using more active fluxes used with lead-free solder
  • Fumes are absorbed by the replaceable carbon-activated filter
  • Includes one replacement filter (WSA350F)
  • Stand allows the smoke absorber to be adjusted to varying angles
  • Fan is quiet and will not add significant noise to the workspace
  • ESD safe