DX113 Threadless Desoldering Tiplet for DXV80

Product Details
Catalog No. 0051314399
UPC Code 037103209092
Fits Tool(s) DXV80
Tip Style Eccentric
Tip Width O/D .098 in./2.49 mm
Tip Thickness/Height/ I/D .047 in./1.19 mm
Reach/Length .906 in./23.00 mm
Packaging Industrial Box/Carton
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High Res. Image DX113_300.jpg
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    Product Features:

  • New threadless desoldering tiplets will not seize to desoldering pencil
  • Nozzle locks into place with a quarter turn
  • Nozzle can be quickly and easily exchanged
  • Provides improved thermal transfer from the heater to the nozzle