Weller®/Portasol® Professional Self-igniting Cordless Butane Solder Iron

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Catalog No. P2C
UPC Code 037103169389
Self Igniting Yes
Equivalent Wattage 25 W - 75 W
Run Time 90 min.
Temperature Range 850° F
Supplied Tip(s) PPT6
Packaging Peg Hook/Retail Packaging
Literature 55151.pdf
Tech. Spec. Solder_Safety_Warnings.pdf
Lineart P2C.pdf
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MSDS Butane_MSDS.pdf
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    Product Features:

  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
  • A lightweight, compact cordless butane soldering and hot air tool
  • Piezo ignition with push-button ease & convenience, 25 watts to 75 watts
  • Fast heat-up for high productivity, melts solder in less than 40 seconds
  • Gas capacity allows up to 1 hour of continuous use, ample for most jobs
  • Refills in less than 20 seconds so you can stay on the job
  • Automatic cut-off switch when cap replaced for safety
  • Can be used as a mini-torch with optional PPT12 flame tip
  • Portasol® is a registered trademark of Olgesby and Butler Limited